Report shows London’s rise up the green roof league table

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London’s Deputy Mayor for the Environment will launch a report revealing London’s relentless rise up the green roof league table

Shirley Rodrigues will launch a report which shows the speed with which London has delivered on its drive to meet its objectives on climate resilience and biodiversity.

Rodrigues led the Greater London Authority’s (GLA) environment team when the First green roof policy was included in the London Plan in 2008.

Rodrigues said: “I have been delighted to witness the patchwork of green roofs and walls spreading across London’s skyline, alongside the establishment of a world-class industry that is working towards the greening of London.”

The report produced by the European Federation of Green Roofs and Walls (EFB), and reveals that the total area of green roofs in the Greater London area is equal to 1.5 million m2 with a density of 0.17m2 per inhabitant, which far surpasses that of other cities in the world such as Copenhagen, Toronto and Singapore.

Significantly, the density in London’s Central Activity Zone is now a 1.21 m2 of green roof per inhabitant.

The new green roof report contains:

  • Infographics detailing all the green roofs installed in the GLA and the Central Activity Zone (CAZ) as of 2018 with links to infographics for all the London boroughs which are published at;
  • The first ever league table of green roof cities around the world including London’s CAZ to provide a snapshot of London’s comparative performance;
  • A review of global green roof policies in cities around the world;
  • New evidence of the benefits and economic case for green roofs and walls;
  • An appraisal of how various London boroughs are delivering green roofs;
  • 17 case studies of green roofs and walls in London, including three from one of London’s leading developers, Berkeley Group, and the recently opened IKEA store in Greenwich.


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