Actis CPDs to address performance gap and compliance


Insulation specialist Actis is to run two CPD modules via Zoom twice a month from October, which will address the performance gap through reflective insulation

The free training sessions, certified by the Construction CPD Certification Service, look at addressing the performance gap through reflective insulation and ensuring compliance within systems.

The first will be held on Thursday 8 October.

They will be hosted on a rotational basis by Actis UK and Ireland specification manager Dan Anson-Hart and his colleagues, Amaret Chahal and Jason Docherty, who managed branches of B&Q and Jewson for 25 years before joining Actis.

The sessions

The sessions will be available for small groups of professionals, enabling delegates to ask project-specific questions after the presentation.

Addressing the Performance Gap with Reflective Insulation, which looks at the impact of thermal bridging on a building’s energy performance, will be available on the second Thursday of every month at 1pm.

Proven Compliant Systems, which looks at how installers can ensure their insulation and membrane use complies with building regulations, will be hosted on the third Thursday of every month again at 1pm.

This looks not just at Part L, but also Parts B (fire safety), C (site preparation and resistance to contaminants and moisture), D (toxic substances) and E (resistance to the passage of sound).

The training was, in pre-Covid days, a regular feature at LABC’s monthly technical roadshows, with modules delivered to up to 100 delegates at a time – a format both organisations are keen to resume once it is safe to do so.

LABC head of engagement Anna Thompson is a huge fan of the training modules, and both organisations are continuing to work very closely together to offer insight and training across the industry.

Anna Thompson said: “This is the ideal time to upskill and develop your knowledge in new areas.

“We’ve always found Dan, Amaret and Jason to be very engaging speakers and these sessions are definitely worth attending.”

No pre-booking is required. Just join here on the second Thursday of every month at 1pm here.

And join Proven Compliant Systems at 1pm on the third Thursday of every month here.


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