Actis to host performance gap CPD training on Zoom

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Actis is to start running its two CPD modules next month in a Zoom webinar format, the training sessions are free and both certified by the Construction CPD Certification Service

The two sessions aim to look at addressing the performance gap through reflective insulation and ensuring compliance within systems.

Actis’ specification manager, Dan Anson-Hart, who will be leading the sessions, used to present at LABC’s well-attended roving monthly roadshows all over England and Wales, as well as for small groups of industry professionals.

He hopes the more intimate nature of the Zoom webinars – each of which will be limited to only a handful of attendees – will give an even greater opportunity for delegates to ask project-specific questions after the presentation.

It looks at how installers can ensure their insulation and membrane use complies with building regulations – not just Part L, but also Parts B (fire safety), C (site preparation and resistance to contaminants and moisture), D (toxic substances) and E (resistance to the passage of sound).

The first CPD, which looks at the impact of thermal bridging on a building’s energy performance, is also currently undergoing approval by the RIBA, at which stage it will be worth double the usual number of CPD points for RIBA registered architects.

The latter of the two sessions, on compliance, was launched earlier this year but has not yet seen much airtime as the coronavirus struck shortly after its first few outings.

A more personalised experience

Dan, said: “At the roadshows, I’d be presenting to 80 to 100 people at a time, which was, of course, fantastic. But one of the plus points about offering sessions via everyone’s new favourite online delivery mechanism means we can field individual questions about projects after the initial presentation.

“Hopefully this should mean an even better, more personalised, experience for those taking part.”

“So the Zoom option offers a perfect opportunity for architects, specifiers, contractors and building control officers who have already completed the first course to expand their skills.”


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