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Wates has launched a new service which will help social landlords to prepare their housing stock to meet zero carbon obligations

Wates works with more than 60 social housing providers, maintaining and repairing over 500,000 homes across the UK, has joined forces with Energy Specifics to provide a fully compliant, carbon-reduction retrofitting service, which will provide landlords with the tools to deliver a ‘whole house’ retrofit of each property with energy saving improvements.

This announcement follows Wates’ commitment, made in January, to achieve zero waste and carbon across its operations by 2025.

Wates is currently in discussions with selected social housing authorities ahead of a pilot scheme beginning in Spring 2021.

It also responds to UK Government targets for all social housing to achieve an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating of C and above by 2030 and for all homes to be net-zero carbon by 2050.

Lowering fuel bills

David Morgan, managing director, Wates Living Space, said: “There are over five million social housing properties in the UK, and If we are to achieve the Government’s net-zero carbon housing targets by 2050, three homes every minute will need to be retrofitted with energy-efficient improvements.

“Our partnership with Energy Specifics, one of the few companies already operating under the PAS 2035* retrofit standards framework, will bring technical expertise, funding and compliance to help our customers upgrade their existing housing portfolio to create healthier homes to live in, reduce carbon emissions and help residents out of fuel poverty.”

Tim Freeman, director of Energy Specifics Ltd, added: “We are delighted to partner with Wates Living Space to lead the way on volume retrofit that combines our respective areas of expertise and will help thousands of tenants enjoy lower fuel bills and create much improved living environments for them.”


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