Solar farm, EDF

EDF Renewables is planning to develop a new solar farm at Tye Lane near Bramford, which could generate enough low carbon electricity for the domestic needs of 9,690 households annually

The project will deliver significant additional local benefits. If planning permission is granted, a community fund of up to £10,000 will be paid annually (depending on the final size of the scheme) for the 35-year lifetime of the project.

A number of ecological and other feasibility surveys have been carried out and the company is now consulting with local people about the proposal ahead of submitting a planning application before the end of this year.

Amongst growing concern about climate change the 49.9MW Tye Lane project could contribute to saving around 16,700 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year.

Alongside solar, battery storage and electric vehicle (EV) charging are significant enablers for the UK’s goals to reach net zero by 2050 including transport. A solar farm at Tye Lane would underpin plans to install EV charging infrastructure nearby, directly benefitting local EV users by providing affordable, rapid charging.

EDF R is conducting online and postal community engagement.

Public consultation

Residents near to the site are being contacted by post and members of the public are encouraged to visit EDF R’s Tye Lane website for further information, to register for the live online events and to provide feedback.

EDF Renewables director of solar and onshore wind development, Mark Vyvyan-Robinson, said: “This is an excellent site for a solar farm, which is suitably sunny and with a nearby grid connection.

“EDF Renewables is an experienced renewables developer and Tye Lane is one of the first of a number of solar projects we have planned in the UK.

“This project will enable us to contribute to the UK’s green economic recovery from Covid-19 and help the country reach its net zero targets.”


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