The dark side of email management

email management problems
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If your business sends and receives vast amounts of emails every day, and the contents within those emails are business-critical, then it’s time to solve your email management problems once and for all

Do you enjoy opening your work inbox? If your response is ‘yes’, you are very much in the minority of professionals. For most people, waking up to an uncontrollable inbox and not having access to the important project information they need is a huge cause of stress. In a study by Mail Manager, the business found that 70% of survey respondents reported that email was the biggest productivity drain in their workforce, and 73% said they spend too much time trying to find emails. Despite such high numbers of professionals experiencing the same email headaches, email management and solving the ongoing email issue usually isn’t a priority for organisations.

For many business and IT leaders, bigger picture topics like cybersecurity, cloud migration and digital transformation often take priority, despite taking years to complete and requiring serious investment. But, solving email management challenges is a quick win and poses significant benefits for business, regardless of size. After all, doing nothing (which is the easiest option!) means enhanced levels of risk, poor productivity and low levels of collaboration within project teams.

The cost of ignoring the email problem

As mentioned, when it comes to email management, most people do nothing. That is of course until they are hit with a court case or legal dispute that requires them to prove who said what. Then, it’s a scramble to reproduce all relevant correspondence that can be found. This can take weeks, sometimes even months, if at all.

And the bigger the business, the bigger the email problem. In a 10-person business, with each person sending 50 emails per day, that is 500 emails being sent daily. For a 1000-person business, that is 50,000 sent every day. With every email sent and received, and not filed into a central location where an entire project team has access, your business’ risk grows.

But increased risks are only one part of the problem. In 2022, the average office worker spends five hours per day checking their emails, meaning poor email management has a direct impact on productivity.

Defeating the dark side of email management

In today’s working world, getting on top of your email management problem should be a priority. And it’s not as hard as it may seem! Mail Manager, the intelligent email management solution for Outlook (developed by Arup) have put together a new guide on how you can defeat the dark side of email management that you can read free here, or download a free trial of the solution.


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