Premier Guarantee: Pre-plaster


This Pre-plaster ebook by Premier Guarantee gathers together Technical Updates offering additional guidance on a number of key areas

The key areas of this pre-plaster ebook include: Cavity separating walls and gable walls, lateral restraint; concerns and risks associated with contaminated plasterboard; and timber fixing requirements for floor decks in domestic settings.

The latter highlights what to look out for on site to identify poor fixings, as well as the correct fixing requirements for different types of particle, OSB and softwood boards.

Elsewhere, there is a Technical Update providing guidance on suspended ceilings, looking at common defects, what standards apply, fixing requirements and making sure ceilings are suitable for high humidity, external environments or specialised conditions.

Zone control systems in heating

In addition, Premier Guarantee offers an explanation of zone control systems in heating, which see separate time and temperature controls installed in different areas of the same building.

The Technical Update covers the Building Regulation requirements for zone controls and when these requirements apply: every time a home is built; every time a home has an extension or change of use; and every time more than one individual component, such as a boiler, is replaced in a heating system.

Painting over intumescent strips

The ebook also includes Technical Updates looking at painting over intumescent strips, as well as detailed guidance on shower and wet room construction in domestic settings.

This covers some of the potential problems that arise from poorly designed and constructed showers or wet rooms, leading to water damage, as well as recommendations for the correct installation of showers, baths and “walk-in” or wet room constructions.


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