StormMeister – Flood protection solutions


StormMeister was founded in 2010 with the aim of solving the problems associated with difficult-to-operate traditional flood doors

Director Malcolm Snape, an engineer with over 30 years’ experience in manufacturing products for the construction industry, took inspiration from working in the tropical rainforests of Akwa Ibom in south-east Nigeria, where flash flooding from rainstorms led to designing flood protection products that harness the hydrodynamic power of floodwater itself to seal flood doors.

Today, StormMeister is a world leader in developing flood protection products for commercial and residential properties that are not only effective but also accessible and easy to use by everyone, including the elderly and disabled.

This ebook offers an introduction to StormMeister, its expanding range of flood protection solutions using the patented Active Flood Seals.

It looks at StormMeister’s testing process for new products and fitting on-site by trained professional engineers.

There is also a guide to William M Snape Manufacturing Services work in research and development on potential products. These range from composite and timber flood doors to sectional garage doors, industrial-use floodgates, windows and French doors, bifold doors, automatic self-raising thresholds, automatic ramps for disabled access, and angled floodgates.

Development can take unexpected turns but effort is never wasted as knowledge gained in one area can be applied to another.

This combination of stringent testing and the on-site experience of professional engineers has led StormMeister to not only an industry-leading range of flood protection solutions but also means that a project in Europe can help to improve products for export to Australia or the USA.


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