Michael George, of Mick George Ltd outlines the scope of its new environmental division and the services offered by the firm to safely remove asbestos

Stringent controls make the asbestos removal industry one of the most regulated in the UK, second only to the nuclear industry, resulting in only 400 licensed contractors operating. And with the recent revelations reported nationally, surrounding the volume and regularity of asbestos located in schools, houses and other public or commercial premises, it will be encouraging to learn that more professionals are at hand to remedy the situation.

Changes to Mick George Ltd

It wasn’t all that long ago, local business Mick George Ltd was exactly that – one business, targeting a niche contracting market within the realms of the construction industry.

But, those days now seem a distant memory. Although the overarching brand remains, the number of trading divisions representing it is expanding with increasing frequency, challenging such statements.

Each division demonstrates the different specialisations that the company offers, with Mick George Environmental, the latest addition.

Always in the business of carriage and disposal of non-licensed and licensed asbestos, following a successful audit from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recently, the company is now accredited to complete all related asbestos works and will have a dedicated, highly skilled and experienced team in place to do so.

Most notably, this includes the ability to handle a wider variety of contaminants, including non-licensed, notifiable non-licensed and licensed asbestos, uniquely placing the business within the market due to their ability to provide a ‘start to finish’ service.

No longer restricted to simplistic carriage and disposal, the service has developed to incorporate surveys, analytical services, removal of asbestos contaminated materials, as well as more complex requests to encapsulate, repair damaged materials, or complete environmental cleansing following accidental disturbance of material.

An attractive proposition indeed, for contractors, developers or tradesmen who are looking for a one-stop solution for outsourcing their domestic or commercial asbestos requirements, with the added benefit that cost build-ups and quality issues, will be prevented from multiple contractors fulfilling each discipline.

The recent addition to the group will increase Mick George Ltd’s ability to offer a fully rounded service to their clients by lending support to the already well established contracting divisions, providing framework agreements and ‘out of the box thinking’ when it comes to remediation strategies for asbestos-contaminated land.

Mick George Ltd has led the independent waste management sector for over 35 years, providing a broad range of services, covering every aspect of collection, recycling and disposal of waste generated by industrial, commercial and residential sectors. All of this in addition to being a major supplier to the UK construction industry, delivering earthworks, demolition, as well as mechanical and electrical services.

Michael George, Contracting Director at Mick George Ltd, commented: ‘’It’s just another ‘bow in our armory’ in our attempt to offer a complete service to our clients.’’

George continued: ‘’We recognise that is often difficult and time-consuming for our clients, with many of the provisions they deal with, to find a business that can genuinely cover all basis, due to the various facets that often exist. Our aim is to simplify and make this process more convenient. And it should most definitely compliment a number of our other services in the meantime.’’

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