BAM enforces stricter measures to combat spread of coronavirus


BAM Construct UK is changing the way it works by restricting visitor access to sites and moving training online in a bid to combat the spread of coronavirus

BAM Construct UK is responding to the rapidly developing challenge of coronavirus by changing how they work, putting safety first at all times.

BAM is following the advice from government and health bodies, supplementing that with additional actions across our diverse business.

BAM’s overarching aim is to keep everybody safe, reduce the risk of transmission to employees, suppliers, clients and end-users, and to keep projects and services going where possible.

BAM coronavirus measures

  • Required staff to work from home where at all possible
  • Stopped all international travel and all non-essential business travel within the UK
  • Restricted visitor access to sites and offices
  • Restricted site-based staff from working in offices and vice versa
  • Banned attendance at events or functions
  • Moved training online unless it is business critical and must be delivered face to face.

Sites and service locations

BAM is working hard to keep construction sites open and safe, and supporting our FM (facilities management) customers by helping them manage their buildings safely so they too can keep operating.

BAM is liaising closely with clients, sub-contractors and our suppliers to find creative solutions that enable us to deliver projects and services.

Measures taken across the business BAM include:

  • Commissioning and delivering additional cleaning in offices and sites.
  • Adopting “split shift” arrangements. When public transport is the only way into work, this helps reduce the infection risks associated with travelling at peak times. It also serves to further reduce the number of people in at any one time and helps maintain the number of healthy employees available to manage operations safely.
  • Risk-assessing and prioritising roles and responsibilities so that cover can be identified and put in place for key roles.
  • Closely liaising with and supporting our supply chain to enable them to keep operating.


  1. This is in fact doing nothing new. BAM simply making a pointless statement but hitting the headlines as a “company that cares”. To make a difference, close sites. It’s all money, money money!


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