As part of our ongoing series of previews of the Building Innovation Awards, PBC Today is taking a look at the nominees for the Best Health & Safety Innovation award

The stark reality is that construction remains one of the most dangerous industries to work in – nevertheless, the sector is making great strides in improving its record on health and safety.

The Best Health & Safety Innovation Award recognises best practice in this crucial area.

The nominees Best Health & Safety Innovation are:

Arden Hire Solution

Arden’s Site Manager is a plant hire first. This intuitive online portal provides a “rear-view window” of events happening onsite, displaying real-time data regarding the non-wearing of seatbelts, driving at speed and out of hours equipment usage – all major causes of accidents – plus machinery information such as water in fuel and low battery voltage. Its alert and analytic functions enable management to take action before safety is compromised, changing behaviours and saving lives.

BAM Construct UK

Construction is hazardous with many activities undertaken in close proximity on site. The traditional way of segregating personnel from high risk areas has been exclusion zones defined by barriers and signage. BAM Construct has collaborated with Bull Products, and developed the ExclusionZone Alarm. They have brought construction safety into the digital age. The alarm works via WiFi. When activated via key fob, a visual and audible warning shows that an exclusion zone is active.

Brilliant Ideas

Due to the dangers of working at height, safety netting is often installed as fall protection. Recovering someone who has fallen into a net is a very slow, hazardous process. After a serious accident, injury or illness every minute lost reduces the chance of survival by 10% per minute. A slow recovery could result in death. The Boothy Bag quickly, easily and safely allows a worker to be recovered to the floor.

LDS Hire & Sales

The G-Deck load deck system is a patented three-in-one, multi-functional, high strength, low cost trestle/access platform/tower that is quick to erect, durable and flexible enough to meet housebuilding and construction needs. Safety is a priority and G-Deck has been subjected to stringent testing and analysis to prove its load carrying capabilities.

Viewpoint Construction Software

Viewpoint’s product Field View is helping the construction industry digitise their on-site processes, including Health & Safety activities, creating more accurate, auditable records and improving safety standards of customers and users.

Work Wallet

Work Wallet is an easy-to-use app technology platform that intelligently connects people, places and processes together. Suitable for any Health & Safety environment, it provides an industry-specific toolkit to help workers and management access real-time information. Work Wallet can be used to create jobs, RAMS, audits, digital training packs, issue digital safety cards, clock in and out of sites, record near-misses, accidents and site concerns.


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