Deconstruct UK to replace Wates on Grenfell Tower contract

deconstruct uk grenfell
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Deconstruct UK Ltd will take over from Wates on the Grenfell tower safety and maintenance contract

The existing contract for the Grenfell Tower site expires in July and Deconstruct UK will take over and continue essential safety and maintenance works.

The new contractor, Deconstruct UK has been working at the Grenfell Tower site since 2017 as a specialist subcontractor to the previous principal contractor, Wates Property Services.

The contractor has not been appointed to demolish the tower.

DUK will be responsible for keeping the tower site safe and secure by:

  • Monitoring the tower and the site 24 hours a day
  • Carrying out planned safety works, including the removal of heavy and damaged items and asbestos
  • Installing new ‘props’ (aluminium and steel weight-bearing supports) to supplement those that have been installed since the fire
  • On-going maintenance work as necessary, to ensure site safety and security.

A decision has not yet been made on the future of the tower.

Following important safety advice from structural engineering firms, Atkins, and Jacobs, the government has written to the community about a decision on the future of Grenfell Tower.

It is keen to speak to as many bereaved families, survivors and local residents as possible, and hear any questions, concerns or comments before a decision is made.

Meetings are currently taking place for families and individuals to hear from and talk to the MHCLG team and engineering experts advising the government.

If a decision were taken to demolish the tower, the government would procure a specialist contractor to carry out any future works.

An MHCLG spokesperson said:  “We have today appointed a new principal contractor which will continue routine essential safety and maintenance works at the Grenfell Tower site, as the existing contract will expire in the coming weeks.

“No final decision on the future of Grenfell Tower has been taken and the new principal contractor will not carry out any deconstruction works as part of this contract.

“We know how important and sensitive a decision on the future of the tower is and we continue to engage with those most affected at every step.”


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