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Over 25 years providing effective and efficient health and safety advice and training to the construction industry and others

Callsafe Services Limited has been providing health and safety advice, assistance and training to our clients, and our clients’ projects, since 1987. Our clients have included many central and local government organisations, and private industry clients, designers and contractors.


Our consultants consistently ensure effective communications on projects and within health and safety management systems, with the minimum amount of paperwork produced, continuously questioning why a document is required and whether it is any use in effective management.

We have provided client organisations, architects, design consultancies and contractors with policies and procedures for compliance with British health and safety law, particularly the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM); including non-British organisations.

The policies and procedures developed by Callsafe Services Limited are effective in terms of protecting the health and safety of people, protecting the organisation from prosecution and loss of reputation, and the costs of implementation and maintenance.

Callsafe Services Limited have also developed the health and safety management procedures, health and safety rules and training toolbox talks for the Estates Departments of NHS Trusts.


The training provided by Callsafe Services Limited includes a focus on effective communication and management, rather than just the production of documentation, enabling us to provide a tailor-made service.

Training provided is made as appropriate and relevant to our trainees, incorporating client procedures and processes where possible.

We primarily supply training in-house, where the trainer travels to our client locations. In-house courses also allow the training to be tailored to the particular work types performed by the delegates and may include our client’s specific procedures and examples.

Accredited training is also available as in-house courses and occasionally and public courses.

Callsafe Services Limited provides courses accredited by:

Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH)

Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH)

Association for Project Safety (APS)

Safety Pass Alliance (SPA)

The current accredited courses are:

IOSH Managing Safely in Construction

IOSH Management of the Construction Design Process in the Republic of Ireland

IOSH Safety for Senior Executives

CIEH Level 3 Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace

APS Design Risk Management

SPA Passport – Core

Callsafe Services Limited is also the sole supplier of health and safety training to Thomas Telford Limited, the training arm of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), who supply public and in-house training courses. Our trainers are experienced construction health and safety professionals, with construction engineering backgrounds, so enabling them to provide examples of how the legislation can be implemented for particular scenarios.

The course programmes available can be viewed at These programmes can be adapted to the particular needs of an organisation.

CDM Co-ordinator (CDMC)

Callsafe Services Limited is a Registered CDM Co-ordinator Practice with the Association for Project Safety (APS), so can demonstrate our commitment to continuous improvement of our, our clients’ and our projects’ processes.

Our consultants/trainers are all practicing health and safety professionals working within the construction industry, and have extensive experience as health and safety advisors/officer/managers for client, designer and contractor organisations. Our clients include the Environment Agency and Veolia Environmental Services (UK) plc.

If you need an organisation that understands the requirements of CDM, projects, other health and safety requirements, and how these requirements can be achieved in a cost-effective way, to act as your CDMC, provide health and safety advice and assistance and/or provide effective training; please contact Callsafe Services Limited to discuss your requirements.



David Carr, PgD, FIIRSM, DipSM, RFaPS

Managing Director

Callsafe Services Limited

Tel:01889 577701

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