Highways construction safety to be tested using virtual reality app

highways construction safety

A new virtual reality app has been developed by 3D Repo to ensure highways construction safety and train users to avoid onsite accidents

The development of a new virtual reality app will improve training and prevent the number of onsite accidents, improving highways construction safety.

The app, which has been developed by 3D Repo, will be used by Balfour Beatty, Vinci and Highways England to ensure better safety on highways construction and maintenance projects.

Virtual reality training

The virtual reality (VR) simulation for Zero Harm Health and Safety Training forms part of the Smart Motorway programme and is a fully immersive simulation. It features real world scenarios, aimed at giving the user a different perspective of the same potentially dangerous situation.

Neil Thompson, Head of Digital Research at Balfour Beatty, said: “In order to demonstrate our understanding of our customers’ needs and facilitate the collaboration between our customers and their clients, we wanted to digitally transform our approach.

“3D Repo and their pioneering virtual environments enable us to do that in a completely new and engaging way.”

Real life scenarios from a safe environment

The simulation is accessed using a standard VR headset and allows the user to put themselves in different positions to see where they think they would be safe. It gives the user the opportunity to experience potentially dangerous site environments from a safe place.

Harry Parnell, Head of Digital Project Delivery at Balfour Beatty Major Projects, said the system was revolutionary.

“Safety is our paramount importance and VR is now helping us deliver training in stimulating ways that ensure our people learn,” he commented.

“This is a ground-breaking technology setting a new standard in training and one that is truly helping our Zero Harm vision.”

“Other VR simulations utilise standard game engines which can mean content is ‘baked in’ and any edits require a complete reprocess of the entire simulation,” added Dr Jozef Dobos, CEO of 3D Repo.

“The 3D Repo solution provides a web-enabled approach. Upon login, users can access all their projects remotely on the fly and without the need to create custom executables each time.

“We also utilise existing site-specific 3D models and Building Information Modelling (BIM) data so that custom scenarios can be created and uploaded as and when needed.”


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