Unite urges HSE to publish Bow crane collapse findings


Unite the union has called on the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to publish its initial findings into the causes of the fatal crane collapse in Bow

In July a crane collapsed in Bow, London which led to one death and the destruction of many homes.

Unite has written to the HSE urging it to not to delay publication of the initial findings into what caused the accident in order to lift the cloud of suspicion which currently hangs over the crane operators involved, the company itself, Wolffkran Ltd.

With the removal of the crane likely to take six months, Unite is arguing that the local community need answers.

HSE’s initial findings are also important in order to ensure that similar accidents are prevented from occurring in the future.

Address unanswered questions

Unite national officer for construction, Jerry Swain, said: “It is vital that the HSE ends the delay and publishes its initial findings into the reasons why a crane tragically collapsed in Bow in July.

“The HSE cannot be seen to be trying to sweep the investigation into this accident under the carpet. It is already nearly seven weeks since the accident occurred.

“The company concerned and the workers involved have a cloud of suspicion hanging over them and this is almost certainly unfair.

“Unite is the recognised union at Wolffkran. Our members are already having to operate in difficult conditions due to Covid-19 pandemic; it is simply unfair to have unanswered questions about this accident hanging over them.

“Equally, the only way the industry can learn from this tragedy and ensure it is prevented from happening again is if the HSE’s initial findings are published.

“If the HSE cannot publish their initial findings for any reason then they must publicly say why and what is causing that delay.”


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