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Matrix Networks has launched a new campaign to help make site safety information accessible and understandable for its employees and those who work with them

Titled the ‘10 Golden Rules’, Matrix Networks has developed briefing materials and new eye-catching site posters featuring 10 bespoke icons depicting its ‘Golden Rules’ for sit safety. The icons have been designed to also be used across everyday site materials such as mugs, folders and pens, so that they become easily-recognisable and memorable.

The 10 Golden Rules are:

  1. Always follow our Safe Systems of Work protocol
  2. Make sure your site is kept secure at all times
  3. No drugs or alcohol are allowed on site
  4. Keep your working areas clean and tidy
  5. Be responsible for ensuring your plant and equipment are safe to use
  6. Look after your vehicle and drive safely
  7. Protect the environment and manage waste responsibly
  8. Report any issues as soon as you can
  9. Always wear the right PPE
  10. Remember mobile phones are not to be used on site, unless it’s an emergency.

Davina Reilly, Matrix Networks’ SHEQ manager, said: “Construction sites are hazardous and unpredictable environments. While it’s important for site workers to keep up to date with the latest health and safety legislation, we’ve identified these 10 fundamental safety rules which help to ensure that key safety requirements are always front of mind.

“Our 10 Golden Rules have been developed by talking to those who are working on site every day – understanding what they feel is important to keep themselves and their colleagues safe. We then combined this research with the requirements we know are essential for compliance to our accredited bodies, before arriving our set of Golden Rules.”

Matrix Networks’ SHEQ team will monitor awareness levels of the 10 Golden Rules over the next few months to see how they’re being received and adopted by site workers – as well as listening to ideas around further ways to improve site safety and communication with its workers nationwide.

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