FIS launches return to work risk management checklist

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The FIS has launched a Covid restart risk management checklist offering targeted and comprehensive advice for businesses across the sector

The risk management checklist covers a basic bank of questions across the key areas of safety, people, commercial and legal, supply chain and cash flow. The checklist is a live tool and will be extended and refined as new questions come in and when new advice becomes available.

In a recent poll of FIS members, managing the health, safety and concerns of workers returning to site remains at the forefront. Productivity is now seen as the biggest challenge facing the sector, with 75% citing this as the key challenge right now and only around 12% of members reporting that they can operate profitably under new working conditions across all their sites.

Despite Government support, 40% of members are worried about cash with only 10% reporting improving payment practices and 30% that payment has worsened.

To ensure this resource is concise and accurate, FIS is collaborating closely with the civil service, fellow trade associations, the Construction Leadership Council, the Construction Industry Coronavirus Forum (CICV Forum) in Scotland and umbrella bodies BuildUK and the Construction Products Association.

Answering questions clearly and concisely

FIS CEO, Iain McIlwee, said: “The last few months have been tough on everybody and our underlying aim has just been to ensure that businesses who rely on us emerge from this crisis in the best possible shape.

“Different parts of the industry, as with different parts of the UK, are at different stages as things open up and it is vital that we learn lessons, share best practice and work together as things become clearer.

“We’ve drawn on the very best information in the UK and Internationally to help answer key questions as clearly and concisely as possible and, where there is a gap, we’ve done what we can to fill it by drawing on expertise within our network.

“The FIS Covid restart risk management checklist an open-source resource that is free to access. Anybody in the sector can use and develop it and we just hope it evolves in this way and that it makes things a bit easier for individuals in these unprecedented and uncertain times.”

The toolkit is available to download here.


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