Willmott Dixon releases social distancing images

social distancing,

Contractor Willmott Dixon has unveiled a series of images which show how its construction projects have adapted to social distancing measures

Over 95% of Willmott Dixon’s projects are now open after implementing the Construction Leadership Council’s (CLC) ‘Site Operating Procedures’ to maintain safe working environments during the Covid-19 crisis.

social distancing,

Using a combination of technology and new practices to maintain social distancing, the firm has released a series of pictures that depict how its construction sites have adapted to the ‘new normal’ of building during Covid-19.

Last week the prime minister emphasised the construction sector in his ‘get back to work’ message, where people who cannot work from home should return to their workplace where it’s safe to do so.

Examples of how Willmott Dixon is maintaining social distancing includes:

  • Extra-space for welfare facilities, such as hiring large marquees
  • One-way systems for circulation, especially around bottleneck areas
  • Toolbox-talks to communicate latest guidance and working practices; held in open areas, allowing for the maintenance of the two-metre rule
  • GoPro technology to film progress, which is uploaded to Microsoft Teams to show latest developments, pause and ask questions
  • Motion activated voiceover systems to remind people to abide by social distancing on site
  • Hand sanitiser is available in meeting rooms, desks, and site entrances and exits, with dedicated hand wash zones
  • Staggered breaks and lunch times, with clear signage for social distancing in canteens.

social distancing,

Covid-19 cases

The UK’s daily figure for coronavirus deaths has dropped to 170.

The announcement comes a week after the first easing of restrictions in England – the figure is almost 100 fewer than the 268 reported a week ago.

The overall death toll remains the highest in Europe, and is now 34,636.

According to a group of Harvard disease experts, some form of intermittent social distancing may need to be in place until 2022.

With social distancing rules in place and strictly adhered to, along with intensive testing and contact tracing of new infections, the simulations show it is possible to contain the spread of a virus.


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