James Whitaker, managing director at Dickies Workwear, offers his advice on dressing for the unpredictable British summer weather

At the time of writing this, the weather so far this summer has been a far cry from last year’s heatwave – and is a timely reminder of how changeable the British weather can be. At times like this, workwear can be particularly challenging, but by bearing a few points in mind, you can go to work confident that you’re dressed to meet whatever mother nature might have in store.

Consider all eventualities

First and foremost, if you’re working on a project that involves being outdoors all day, every day, investing in a full waterproof rain suit that can easily – and comfortably – fit over your usual clothing is a must.

There are a number of lightweight jackets that will see you through into the cooler months by being both waterproof and breathable, such as the Dickies Eisenhower Atherton Jacket.

Choose clothing to be seen in

While staying visible may not seem as much of a priority during the lighter days of summer, for those who are still required to wear hi-vis clothing, there are plenty of options that help you to be seen without compromising on comfort.

There are a number of short-sleeved hi-vis t-shirts and polo shirts on the market, as well as shorts, which allow you to remain compliant with safety standards without resorting to long-sleeved tops and trousers in hot weather. For example, the Dickies High Visibility Safety Polo Shirt is both smart and comfortable.

Keep your cool

If we’re lucky to get some hotter days this summer, working in the heat while maintaining a professional look can be a real challenge. However, today’s workwear includes fabrics that allow you to keep cool as the temperature rises.

New innovations in fabric technology include Coolcore®, which wicks moisture away from the body. As long as Coolcore is wet, it will keep on cooling and, as it’s chemical-free, its benefits won’t wash out. Our video gives a simple demonstration of how this technology works in the Dickies Pro T-shirt.

Don’t forget sun safety

We’re all aware of the importance of applying sun protection to our skin these days and this should extend to your clothing, especially if you’re likely to be spending much of your day outdoors.

More and more clothing manufacturers are incorporating fabrics that offer UV protection in their designs and it’s worth aiming for a SPF rating of 45+. Again, the Dickies Pro T-shirt is also a good example of this.

A word on shorts

Shorts are a summer workwear staple and, while they are naturally less restrictive than trousers, it’s still important to look for features such as stretch back waistbands and side panels for an ergonomic fit that will provide exceptional comfort and movement.

Today’s work shorts also offer the practical details you would expect from workwear trousers, such as plenty of pockets, and are available in styles that help those working in construction to cultivate a professional image. The Dickies GDT Premium Shorts are a particularly popular option at this time of year.

By investing in the right workwear, you can stay comfortable this summer without compromising on practicality, safety and your professional image.

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