AEC expands asbestos and air tester training facilities


A new training facility to help asbestos surveyors and air testers gain realistic, hands-on experience is under construction…

Airborne Environmental Consultants (AEC) Ltd has expanded its training facilities.

The firm, which has offices in Manchester and Essex, said growth of its training business had led to an investment of over three quarters of a million pounds in new facilities.

The expansion is currently under construction and will see the practical training facility increase by a factor of six.

The new facility will comprise of realistic training aids aimed at replicating the conditions in which asbestos surveyors would work.

It will also help air testers gain practical experience, as well as general asbestos managers and workers.

The new training conditions will allow people to interact with realistic domestic, commercial and industrial workplace environments and will be designed by experts with over 100 years’ combined practical asbestos surveying and consultancy experience.

AEC will also construct water hygiene and general safety training facilities.

To find out more about training with AEC, call 0161 872 7111, email or find AEC on twitter or linkedin.


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