The international showcase for the very best digital photography of the built environment – the Art of Building – opens for entries today (23 October)

The competition draws thousands of submissions each year, as keen amateurs and experienced professionals battle for international recognition and a £3,500 prize.

Shortlisted images are publicised in the international media as the public votes for the best image.

This year’s judging panel, which includes professionals from the world of art criticism, photography and publishing, has set three categories:


Focusing on the design and style of the built environment, this category celebrates everything from the micro to the macro, from the alluring geometric shapes or details within a structure to vast urban landscapes.

Conservation and Heritage

Cultures around the world are often described by their built environment. This category celebrates the poetry of old buildings and showcases their relevance today. Interpretations could include renovation and restoration work or images that put old architecture into a contemporary context.

Human interaction

Entries in this category capture the symbiotic relationship of people with buildings, from those who construct them to others who simply visit or pass through them. The built environment influences human behaviour, and the everyday interaction of humans with man-made structures can create some startling images.

The Art of Building competition is free to enter and open to anyone aged 18 or over.

Any type of technology can be used, from mobile phones to sophisticated photographic equipment, but all images must be digital.

Shortlisted images from previous years have included architectural and fine art photography, social commentary and reportage.

They have appeared in prestigious national and international media outlets including the BBC website, Wall Street Journal and architectural magazines.

The Art of Building manager, Saul Townsend, said: “Once again we’re putting out the call for photography enthusiasts around the world to show us what they can do.

“We welcome entries from people at all stages of their photographic journey. Every year we are astounded by the diversity of images that pour in, which trigger new ways of looking at our urban landscape.

“But Art of Building isn’t just about pictures.  It also sparks conversations about the way the built environment affects so many aspects of our lives. We look forward to renewing the debate with our entrants and the general public this year.”


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