BAM appoints Mark Lockwood as director of health and safety


BAM Construct UK has announced the appointment of Mark Lockwood as director of health and safety

Mark Lockwood took responsibility for leading the business’s health and safety team two years ago, and has helped improve BAM’s commitment and performance.

Doug Keillor, BAM’s executive director, commented: “Mark has particularly improved our strategic focus on reducing the key causes of injury, improved our safety culture and led the ‘Your Safety is My Safety’ campaign.

“We are renewing our effort across all our businesses to improve our safety culture and reduce accidents. Behavioural safety workshops are being revitalised, the frequency of toolbox talks increased and management visibility enhanced.

“The work Mark and his team do is helping to ensure that we and those we work with go home safe, every day.”

Mark Lockwood has worked with BAM since 1994 in a variety of safety-related roles.

BAM safety

Over the years the Royal BAM group companies have progressively developed and improved their safety management systems. This process of development and refinement is ongoing with the express objective of achieving continuous improvement in health and safety performance within Royal BAM Group.

Against the background of these considerations, the executive board of Royal BAM Group has identified a series of key points, which support its objective of improving the safety performance across the whole of Royal BAM Group.

These key points include:

  • Occupational accidents, ill-health and disability are avoidable.
  • Personal damage and injury, and damage to property of third parties must be avoided at all times.
  • Hazards, which give rise to a risk to health and safety are unacceptable and should be reduced to an acceptable level through the application of control measures.
  • The board of directors of each operating company is responsible for the implementation of the Royal BAM Group’s health and safety policy in their organisation.
  • Continuous and systematic improvement must be an integral part of the health and safety management system within each operating company.
  • BAM employees do not give unsafe orders, or work to unsafe orders given by others.


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