#chooselandscape to address skills shortage in landscape profession


Award-winning garden designer, landscape architect and the newly appointed President of The Landscape Institute, Adam White, has launched a new campaign showcasing the different career opportunities in the landscape profession

The landscape profession makes a huge impact on all our lives and communities and it has grown by nearly 16% since 2010, contributing nearly £1bn to the UK economy. However, The Landscape Institute’s new report – The Future State of Landscape – outlines the urgent need to appeal to people more widely about the opportunities available for working in the landscape profession. The report identified that 41% of landscape architecture practices stated recruitment was a key challenge as there are not enough people in the profession with the right qualifications.

Adam White is a director at Davies White Ltd. Established in 2008 with fellow landscape architect Andrée Davies their practice specialises in community engagement and the design of children’s nature play spaces. On launching #chooselandscape he said:

“Good landscape plays such an important role in all of our lives. It is where people, place and nature connect.  It makes us feel good, improving our well-being through better planned greener cities and open spaces. But the nature neurons in our brains are flatlining as we become less and less connected to nature and there are some pretty big challenges ahead as our cities continue to grow and the environment comes under more pressure.

“That is why I am really pleased to be involved in launching this important campaign #chooselandscape, at the start of my two-year tenure as LI President.  It is vital we tackle the growing skills gap and inspire and encourage more young people to choose a career in landscape by working together across this exciting profession and I shall be championing the cause throughout my two years as LI President.

“The campaign makes clear the range of opportunities in landscape for all kinds of people – from someone who loves creative design to a science enthusiast, and from those that are passionate about tackling climate change or just love using the latest digital technology – all of these passions and skills are needed in the profession.

“That is why as part of the campaign, we have created a special new website to showcase the different opportunities all in one place.  From matching hobbies and interests with potential careers, to information broken down by job roles, young people will be able to see at a glance the sorts of skills, background and motivations will help them. They will also be able to find out the qualifications needed for each role, the salary you might expect and what you could be doing on a day-to-day basis.”

Poppy Smith, #chooselandscape campaign manager at the Landscape Institute added:

“The Landscape Institute will be driving forward this campaign over the next couple of years to make sure we join the dots between education providers, employers, professional bodies, and other organisations involved in landscape, so that everyone understands the exciting opportunities and skills needed for a career in the landscape profession.

“It is really important that we future-proof the skills needed by the profession to make sure we meet the needs of employers, clients and society. That is why the LI will also be running a wider programme of activities including briefing career advisors; getting its members involved as Ambassadors for the campaign out and about in their local communities; working on ensuring educational courses are fitting the needs of the profession and continuing to explore new routes into it, such as via apprenticeships.”

For further information about #chooselandscape and how to get involved visit www.chooselandscape.org.


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