CITB to provide advanced construction apprenticeship grants

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CITB is providing attendance apprenticeship grants for second and third-year apprentices in advance, this will help keep skills in the construction industry despite the coronavirus outbreak

The apprenticeships grants will be paid from 6 April for apprentices already subject to CITB support and who are currently in the second or third year of their apprenticeship for the remainder of the year.

The payments are expected to be able to support 7,500 apprentices, and will advance £2,500 in attendance grant at a time when retaining apprentices is critical.

Important online request

Employers will need to complete a very brief online request, which is being developed, via the CITB website. As per standard terms and conditions, the advance payment is subject to the reclaiming of grant paid if the apprentice leaves employment or their apprenticeship early.

This measure is complementary to the support the chancellor announced for furloughed workers on Friday and will give construction employers support to continue with their apprentice rather than laying off.

CITB is also working with ESFA and other agencies to discuss the existing funding rules around breaks in learning for apprentices.

Protecting the future of our industry

Braden Connolly, CITB director of products and services, said: “Apprenticeships are essential to safeguard the future of the construction industry amid the skills shortage.

“The coronavirus outbreak is putting employers, in particular smaller firms, under extreme pressure and CITB will continue to support them through this crisis.

“We expect this advanced payment will enable some of the smallest apprentice employers to continue with their apprenticeship without the need to furlough.”

CITB urges all employers not to dismiss any apprentices without first contacting the Apprenticeship team:


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