Talent Retention Scheme
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The CLC’s Talent Retention Scheme is now live, as companies employing more than 100,000 people sign up to support the scheme

Companies employing more than 100,000 people have signed up to support the CLC’s Talent Retention Scheme.

The site is now live at www.clc-talentretention.co.uk and is open to both businesses and candidates looking for work.

A cautious welcome

Unite has cautiously welcomed the Talent Retention Scheme (TRS) designed to be a ‘one-stop portal’ where the industry’s workforce and employers can be matched together.

However, the union said that it would be monitoring the scheme, funded by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, in the weeks and months ahead to see that the TRS is not abused by ‘rogue’ bosses that plague the industry.

The scheme has stemmed from the original TRS agreed by the coalition government, following pressure by Unite to support the aerospace industry.

Unite national officer for the construction industry, Jerry Swain, said: “We are giving this scheme a cautious welcome.

“If operated and managed correctly, the TRS can be a major force in retaining the talent and skills at all levels that the construction industry so desperately requires.

“Construction, with more than two million workers, will be a major force in getting the post-pandemic UK economy back on track. We must do everything we can to retain our highly prized skilled workers.

“However, we will be keeping a weathered eye on the TRS as it rolls out. We will want to ensure that what is offered is genuine employment and not simply another scam that further casualises our industry.

“We need to understand that a casual industry will never retain its talent.”

‘Avoid the talent drain’

The Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE) has also responded to the launch of the CLC’s TRS, previously announced by the chancellor in his Plan for Jobs summer update.

Hannah Vickers, chief executive of ACE, added: “We’ve been really busy behind the scenes over the last couple of weeks, working collaboratively with other CLC members to help make this a reality for the good of the industry.

“We’re delighted in the response from employers so far, and the huge interest this has generated.

“For businesses and ACE members who have already shared that they’re interested, we will be getting in touch as soon as possible to take the next steps.

“You will soon be able to advertise roles and find talented and experienced people to meet your changing skills needs. Together we will help avoid the talent drain witnessed in previous recessions.”


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