Eave makes new senior appointment


Eave has appointed experienced operations director, Paul Watson to develop its operations capability

Paul Watson was a board member and chief operating officer at FFEI, a maker of industrial digital inkjet systems and medical equipment.

Before FFEI, he was a board member and operations director at Kelvin Hughes, a producer of navigation, security and surveillance radar systems.

Watson led multiple military and commercial projects at Kelvin Hughes, masterminded the establishment of a world-class modern production facility, and successfully delivered a Global customer service capability to install and maintain a range of marine radar equipment.

He will be responsible for driving operational excellence, optimising business performance, and establishing new processes and capabilities, whilst developing multi-channel approaches to delivering high-quality products and services.

Innovative British engineering

Paul Watson said: “My time spent working in the Defence sector gave me a firsthand appreciation of the impact that noise-induced hearing loss has on people’s lives, and so Eave’s mission resonated with me right away.

“I am delighted to have the opportunity to help grow the business further and deliver even greater quality and customer service to our partners.”

David Greenberg, CEO of Eave, added: “Even though Eave is really just getting started, our innovative and disruptive approach, rapid growth, and ambitious mission have enabled us to strike deals with many of the biggest construction companies in the UK – and attract talent of Paul’s high calibre.

“We’re delighted that Paul is bringing his wealth of experience to Eave – at a critical time when we need to scale efficiently to meet industry demand for a product which actually has the potential to tackle the epidemic of occupational deafness in noisy industries.”


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