Engineering services SKILLcard goes ‘fully digital’


The engineering services SKILLcard has streamlined its service by making the recording of employer endorsements for card applicants fully digital

Engineering Services SKILLcard, which has over 64,000 cardholders across the UK, said the move was part of the ongoing drive to continually improve the application process.

SKILLcard is managed by the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) and is used by heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration operatives to provide proof of competence and qualifications.

It also covers building engineering services supervisors and managers.

Go ‘smart’

It was the first CSCS card scheme to go ‘smart’ easing the process of updating the holder’s qualifications and making it simpler and quicker for site managers to check skills and prevent potential fraud.

This latest development means endorsers will no longer have to print off forms, sign in pen and then send back to SKILLcard.

In its place, they will receive a link via email and can complete their endorsement with a digital signature in a fraction of the time.

Rachel Davidson, director of certification at BESA, commented: “We are constantly striving to improve the service we offer to those working in the building engineering services sector.

“Obtaining a valid SKILLcard is essential for them to access sites proving their skills, qualifications and occupation. The quicker we can turn applications around, the better.”


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