Construction experts asked for views on measuring equality

Equality and diversity, construction

Companies from across the UK construction industry can now have their say on plans to develop standard measures of how the sector can improve equality and diversity

The Construction Leadership Council is developing proposals to introduce a common set of equality, diversity and inclusion metrics for the sector.

The consultation has launched today (23 August) and businesses of all sizes and types are asked to respond.

Developing an industry-standard approach

The intention of the proposal – which the Construction Leadership Council committed to as part of its Skills Plan earlier this year is to ensure companies have access to better information about the makeup of the workforce, helping to shape efforts to ensure that construction reflects the communities it works in across the UK.

The development of an industry-standard approach will also help streamline data collection for businesses, meaning that they are only asked to gather this information once, and can make much better use of it by being able to benchmark themselves against their peers.

Responses will help shape the development of the system for EDI measuring and monitoring, which is planned for introduction by the end of 2022.

The survey is live here and will remain open until 7 September.


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