Rendall & Rittner appoints Jason Wakefield as head of procurement


Rendall & Rittner has appointed Jason Wakefield as head of procurement to improve service and value for clientsJason Wakefield

In his new role, Jason Wakefield will focus on how the group buys common services and goods across its nationwide property portfolio, which includes over 80,000 residential units.

Wakefield has over 20 years of experience in procurement, as well as fourteen years working specifically in facilities management.

He joins Rendall & Rittner from student accommodation provider, UPP, where he led the procurement function for ten years. Prior to that, he was Procurement Manager at Telereal Trilluim.

Reducing supply chain risk

Jason Wakefield commented: “I’m excited about my new role at Rendall & Rittner as I believe there is a real opportunity to differentiate Rendall & Rittner in the marketplace by the way we procure.

“I have the advantage of coming from a slightly different sector, so I can take a fresh look at how we buy things strategically.

“We have a responsibility to manage clients’ money carefully; delivering services that offer value for money whilst mitigating supply chain risk. We are also keen to bring more sustainability into the supply chain.”

‘High levels of service for our clients’

Richard Daver, managing director of Rendall & Rittner said: “We are delighted to welcome Jason to the team as he will play a pivotal role in making strategic choices for the business on how and what we purchase.

“Driving excellent service is fundamental to all areas of our business. When it comes to procurement, ensuring high levels of service for our clients goes hand in hand with finding best value, reducing risk and leading by example by making choices that benefit the environment.”


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