MEH Joint Venture appoints new MD at Hinkley Point C

MEH Joint Venture, Hinkley point C,

The MEH Joint Venture has announced the appointment of Graham Donaldson as its Managing Director on Hinkley Point C (HPC)

The MEH Joint Venture, formed in September 2018 at the request of client EDF, is an innovative new partnership between Hinkley Point C and all Tier One MEH (Mechanical, Electrical and HVAC) and support services contractors working on the HPC project, the UK’s first new nuclear power station in twenty years.

The collaborative nature of the joint venture will form a blueprint for the delivery of future, new nuclear plants across the industry.

Graham Donaldson joins the MEH Joint Venture from Urenco, where he was Completion Programme Manager responsible for overseeing the integrated project management team on their £980m Tails Management Facility in Capenhurst.

With over 25 years’ experience, Graham has delivered large and complex projects worldwide across a variety of industries including Nuclear, Power, Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical.

Graham Donaldson said: “The MEH Joint Venture represents a significant evolution in industry collaboration to deliver much-needed mega infrastructure projects, such as Hinkley Point C. We have a great opportunity to show how the industry can come together to deliver a safe, high quality and cost-effective project”.

Stuart Crooks, Managing Director of Hinkley Point C, commented: “I am delighted that Graham is joining the project to bring his skill, experience and leadership to a hugely important and innovative organisation at Hinkley Point C.

“The MEH Joint Venture represents a new approach to a complex phase of construction. It puts the interests of the whole project above those of any individual contractor. Co-ordination and collaboration is good for contractors and pools skills and expertise across the contracting organisations, for everyone’s benefit. HPC and particularly the MEH Joint Venture creates the launch pad for recruiting our new apprentices as part of our drive to increase our industrial capabilities in high-value UK jobs”.


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