Pagabo appoints Lord Kerslake as new non-executive chairman


Pagabo has appointed Lord Kerslake as non-executive chairman, with a remit to define the organisation’s approach to the way frameworks operate and their role in the industry

Lord Kerslake, who is former permanent secretary for the Department for Communities and Local Government and was chief executive of the Homes and Communities Agency for two years, will be helping the framework provider develop its connections to other sectors and strategically assisting Pagabo to expand its ambitions through innovative thinking.

As part of his role, Lord Kerslake will be working with the rest of the Pagabo board to help it become a key player in the UK’s future public sector procurement policies, as well as its role enabling social value and developing innovative ways to deliver procurement.

Pagabo recently announced that it has passed the £2.63bn mark for social value enabled, with the second iteration of its two biggest frameworks – Major Works and Professional Services – beginning this month (April).

“One of the most exciting aspects for me is the way that Pagabo is looking at the future of construction.”

– Lord Kerslake

Lord Kerslake said: “Pagabo is a hugely exciting business and a challenger brand in the sector. I am honoured to join the board at Pagabo and contribute to its innovative approach to the sector and into the wider industry.

“Frameworks now play a significant role in the way the industry as a whole operates, and Pagabo’s technology-led approach is leading the field in delivering solid pipelines of work for suppliers and social value for its clients.

“My role will be to help Pagabo in developing the way it sets out its frameworks and growing the wider understanding of why they are important and what they give to the client and the supplier.

“The organisation’s approach to investing surpluses back into the sector and engaging in the debate around the future of construction is exactly what is needed in the industry at the moment.

“Pagabo has plenty of ambition and is looking to develop into other markets that complement its framework business predominantly around technology and innovation but continues to provide advice and support to its ecosystem, including in this difficult time with COVID-19.

“We are currently in a response phase and then we will move into recovery. A vibrant construction sector is vital to the economy’s recovery and Pagabo is ready to play its part.”

‘The future of construction’

Simon Toplass, chief executive of Pagabo, said: “Lord Kerslake’s vast experience and expertise will bring new insight, support and contribution to the Pagabo organisation, supporting our progressive approach and establishing us further as a challenger brand to the traditional framework model.

“As a forward-looking business, we are very keen to find ways in which we can bring in expertise from a wide range of sectors to help us expand our knowledge base and inform our future plans.

“As well as focusing on the future of construction and our extensive work, Lord Kerslake will also be supporting our work in ICT, cleaning, facilities management, and professional services.”


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