MSPS partnership to support rehabilitated ex-offenders

rehabilitated ex-offenders, social value

Morgan Sindall Property Services and Waltham Forest Council held a social value working lunch to discuss the development of a programme that will support rehabilitated ex-offenders back into the community

For many rehabilitated ex-offenders, the complex conditions faced once they’ve been released can present a set of impossible barriers. The programme set up by MSPS and Waltham Forest Council could help reduce re-offending.

Without the right support, many have little chance of breaking the criminal cycle, which is often rooted in their attitudes, skills, social networks and families.

The social value session explored what support could be offered, such as upskilling, training (trade or non-trade based), improving integration in society, building a sense of belonging and involvement while developing a resilience to turn their back on the past.

Catherine Marcus, community safety media officer at Waltham Forest Council, said: “Thank you MSPS for organising such a great first session. We all came up with some pretty concrete proposals for how we can help vulnerable young people and rehabilitated ex-offenders build up their employment skills.

“I’m looking forward to working with you all to get this programme off the ground, as it could be a real game-changer in terms of alternative provision.”

Natasha Rochester, social value coordinator at MSPS, said: “We are looking forward to developing this programme with Waltham Forest Council to help understand ex-offenders attitudes so we can build a structured training programme that will better support the transition back into the community.”


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