CIJC negotiates 5% pay increase for site workers

site workers
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The Construction Industry Joint Council (CIJC), the body responsible for negotiating the industry’s pay and conditions, has agreed to a 5% pay increase for site workers covered by the Working Rule Agreement

The CIJC has completed negotiations with the Unions, and has received a one year pay deal for site workers, commencing Monday 25th July 2022.

The agreement includes a 5% pay increase across all rates and a two stage increase in non-taxable allowances.

The Working Rule Agreement is an agreement between employers and Trade Unions, and sets out the terms and conditions, including pay rates, that are applied across the industry.

Commenting on the agreement, the NFB stated: “This agreement is in line with the mandate given to the NFB’s negotiators by the membership survey, so we are pleased to be achieving the increases members asked for.”


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