Common mistakes when designing Heating and Cooling Systems


Here Trimble discuss the 6 common mistakes most specialists make when designing heating and cooling systems – helping you to avoid the pit-falls

Designing piping systems in Revit for heating and cooling systems can be quite a hassle. We have been talking with quite some MEP engineers and designers over the last months and found out that there are common issues for all of you.

Below are the main points we’ve heard from specialists:

  1. I am spending a lot of time changing systems in Revit from generic content to manufacturer specific content like pipes and valves
  2. Changing from one manufacturer to another manufacturer’s system is hard
  3. I am tired of working with the pre-defined(limited) Revit options and rigidity
  4. I am searching for working, actual family packs and other BIM content all over the internet (ideally fabrication ready families)
  5. I am facing issues connecting piping systems with other equipment such as valves and pumps.
  6. I am finding bad content online, forcing me to create my own content.

How to solve these issues


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