Kier secures £10.7m modular contract at DMS Whittington

DMS Whittington, Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO), Kier

Kier has been awarded the contract to design and construct a new £10.7m headquarters at DMS Whittington by the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO)

The DMS Whittington headquarters project will start on site in summer 2020 and is due to complete in early 2021.

The design

The building is to be constructed using a modular method, with modules of approximately 15.9m x 3m being constructed offsite.

Windows and internal wall finishes will be installed in the factory to minimise site work and core areas containing toilets will be finished in the factory to enable finishes to be carried out in a controlled factory environment, leading to increased quality control and programme surety.

The works will include the construction of a 2,600m² office building, as well as a new carpark, it will include an atrium which will provide not only an impressive backdrop upon arrival at the main entrance, but it will also create an informal meeting space for employees.


The building will predominantly be two-storeys with some additional third-floor space creating new meeting rooms.


Kier has substantial experience of delivering major build and refurbishment projects to the DIO and defence agencies across the UK. It is currently on site at RAF Lakenheath delivering the new infrastructure to ready the RAF base for the first permanent home in Europe of the US Air Force’s F-35 Fighter Jet.

Providing efficiency and sustainability

Mark Pausey, managing director at Kier, said: “We are thrilled to have been awarded this project to design and construct DMS Whittington’s brand new HQ.

“Using offsite modular construction will allow us to simultaneously reach key milestones both onsite and in the factory, leading to the project being delivered to the DIO as quickly as possible and providing us with a more consistent end result.”

Peter Lemon, DIO Sutton Coldfield’s head of establishment, commented: “DIO’s new headquarters at DMS Whittington will ensure that staff will be able to enjoy many of the facilities that a large, modern, operational military base offers.

“Co-locating on an operational Defence site will also bring DIO staff closer to our customers and allow us to experience the Defence estate in use every day.”


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