[VIDEO] Modular 10-storey building erected in one day


A Chinese modular construction specialist has erected a 10-storey apartment building in just over one day

Broad Group assembled the Living Building using factory-produced modular containers on to a steel frame in 28 hours, 45 minutes using three cranes.

Each standard module is 40ft (12.19m) long, 8ft (2.44m) wide and 10ft (3m) wide. The position of walls, doors, windows and balconies can be changed after completion and the building itself can be disassembled and relocated.

The company claims the ultra-low energy consumption and failure rate make the operational costs five times lower than the cost of conventional buildings.


It also said the streamlined production is 20 times more efficient than that of conventional construction.

Broad Group claims the Living Building has the world’s lowest energy consumption, with 22cm thermal insulation, triple and quadruple glazed windows, exterior sunshades, heat recovery and intelligent control.

Location: Changsha, China

Project team: Broad Group

Completion: 2021


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