McAvoy to deliver new innovation centre at Porton Down

new innovation centre
Porton Science Park

A new innovation centre at world renowned science hub Porton Down Science Park will be delivered by offsite manufacturing specialist The McAvoy Group

The new 2-storey, 22,000 sq ft building will be located within the Porton Science Park site, not far from Porton village.

The new innovation centre will provide spaces to aid collaborative and one-to-one work, serviced labs and office facilities.

Depending on the demand for the new innovation centre, there is the possibility for expansion and development.

Sitting adjacent to Public Health England and the Ministry of Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, the building will be in a prime location for expert collaboration.


Due to land ownership rights, Porton Defence Science Technology Laboratory will oversee all construction and security.

It is expected that the building will be complete and ready for use by summer 2022 with modules being installed shortly.


Sustainability is at the heart of this project – Wilshire Council have targets for a BREEAM Excellent rating.

Ron Clarke, CEO of The McAvoy Group, said: “We’re pleased to have been entrusted to deliver Porton Down’s new Innovation Centre, which will play an important role in future research and development.

“It’s a high-profile project and we look forward to using MMC to deliver a building that is not just well-designed, but sustainable and agile.

“Because most of the building will be completed in our dedicated manufacturing facility, the timeframe is dramatically reduced, allowing us to get the new Innovation Centre open and operational as quickly as possible.”

In February 2021 The McAvoy Group received a multi-million-pound investment from London-based special situations firm Blantyre Capital to support McAvoy’s ambitious expansion programme.


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