Following the success of our Construction Industry Brexit Survey, PBC Today has launched a survey to discover whether offsite construction can deliver its promises

We’re launching the Offsite Construction Survey to delve a little deeper into the future of offsite.

This comes as Modern Methods of Construction are put firmly under the spotlight with the likes of offsite manufacturing and prefabrication touted as ‘game-changers’ in the industry.

Not only is the industry sitting up and paying attention to offsite, but so too is the UK Government.

The House of Lords science and technology committee released a report in 2017 titled ‘Off-site manufacture for construction: Building for change’. Within this report it detailed a plethora of benefits offsite construction could bring to meet the UK’s housing target. However, it noted that despite the advantages, the take-up of offsite manufacture was lagging.

So, where are we now?

In an industry battling skills shortages and productivity issues, could offsite techniques pose the answer to our woes? Or does it fail to hit the mark?

You can take the Offsite Construction Survey here.

The closing date for responses is 25 October and we will have a full analysis of the results in the November edition of PBC Today.


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