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For modular buildings to be energy efficient, healthy and moisture-free what is required is a holistic approach that manages the balance of Heat, Air, Moisture Movement (HAMM), considering an integrated approach to airtightness, insulation and condensation control

Airtightness is crucial to energy efficient modular building design

An integral part of modern building design is influenced by energy efficiency. As thermal insulation requirements have increased, the proportion of energy lost through air leakage has become more evident. The ever-increasing thermal insulation required will be rendered largely ineffective unless the airtightness of the structure itself is addressed. Air leakage greatly reduces the effect of thermal insulation; therefore, if energy efficiency is to be improved within modular buildings, this is the most critical area to focus on.

A simple self-adhesive external air barrier system

Architects and contractors are increasingly turning to air barrier membranes as the most effective means of controlling and reducing air leaks. The two main ways to achieve airtightness in the building envelope are internally or externally or, in other terms, inside of the services zone or outside of the services zone.

Traditional use of internal air barriers can be more complex and costly to install, needing to accommodate building services such as electrical, lighting, heating and drainage systems. An internal air barrier is only as good as its installation. If all the service penetrations are not adequately sealed, performance will be compromised.

By moving the air barrier to the external side of the structural frame, external air barrier systems, such as Wraptite® from A Proctor Group, allow for an almost penetration-free airtight layer, which can be installed faster and more robustly.

Wraptite is a patented external air barrier membrane system that offers manufacturers and designers of modular and offsite buildings the ability to reliably and comfortably exceed current airtightness requirements. Wraptite is the only self-adhering vapour permeable air barrier certified by the BBA and combines the important properties of vapour permeability and airtightness in one self-adhering membrane. This approach saves on both the labour and material costs associated with achieving the demands of energy efficiency in buildings.

Complies with use on buildings of high-rise and over 18m under Part B amendments made in November 2018, Membranes need to be Class B,s3,d0 or better, with Wraptite at Class B,s1,d0*.

Please see website for further information.

*tested over 12mm calcium silicate board/fibre cement board as per BS EN 13238:2010. All tests carried out to EN 13859-2 standard.



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