Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) are viewed as a genuine answer to the problems facing the residential housing market, specifically around the volume of homes being produced

Incorporating many different types and processes of construction, and with differing terminology for these, what the general term MMC actually means often feels quite disjointed and unclear.

However, the term MMC has now been regularised by a government working group, hopefully leading to a clearer and more widely accepted understanding of MMC, what it incorporates and the different forms it can take.

Premier Guarantee – advocates of the use of MMC in construction – take a look at the MMC definition framework.

 What is the MMC Definition Framework?

The MMC Definition Framework is a new framework consisting of 7 categories. Its aim is to create a better understanding of ‘Modern Methods of Construction’ used in housebuilding through a regularised terminology.


The MMC Definition Framework covers all types of pre-manufacturing, site-based materials and process innovation.

Building typology & material genre

Before discussing categories, the MMC Definition Framework outlines four types of buildings:

  • Houses
  • Low-rise apartments (<5 storeys)
  • Mid-rise apartments (6-9 storeys)
  • High-rise apartments (ten storeys and above).

It also lists material type, which only apply to structural categories 1-4a:

  • Mass Engineered Timber (MET)
  • Timber framed (TF)
  • Light gauge steel framed (LGS)
  • Hot rolled fabricated steel (HRS)
  • Hot rolled / light gauge steel combination (SC)
  • Concrete & cement derived (C)
  • Timber framed / concrete combination (TFC).

Categories within the framework

There are 7 categories within the MMC Definition Framework:

Category 1 – Pre-Manufacturing – 3D primary structural systems

Category 2 – Pre-Manufacturing – 2D primary structural systems

Category 3 – Pre-Manufacturing – Non systemised structural components

Category 4 – Pre-Manufacturing – Additive Manufacturing

Category 5 – Pre-Manufacturing – Non-structural assemblies and sub-assemblies

Category 6 – Traditional building product led site labour reduction/productivity improvements

Category 7 – Site process led labour reduction/productivity improvements.


Read the full MMC Definition Framework document.



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