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The Modular & Portable Building Association looks at how modular construction can revolutionise the industry

At the forefront of offsite approaches, volumetric modular methods have a remarkable impact on reducing costs while increasing quality and safety measures in the construction arena. Having gained considerable momentum over the past few years, modular construction reduces build times by an impressive 50-60%.

As offsite construction is rapidly becoming the preferred delivery model, it is important that volumetric modular building technology is considered for all areas of construction. Although housebuilding gains a lot of media and industry attention – modular solutions are also widely used in the healthcare, education, retail and leisure sectors.

What are the Benefits of Modular Construction?

Modular building is revolutionising the construction industry. While traditional build processes are laced with pitfalls, hidden costs and are highly disruptive – volumetric modular buildings are easy to plan, budget, and are quick to erect, as most of the work takes place in factory-controlled conditions. Modular technology brings a host of benefits to the construction industry, contributing to healthier, safer and more cost-efficient environments.

A critical concern in the construction industry is poor levels of productivity, which are all too prevalent. When assessed against other industries, the disparity is obvious. As other industries have embraced and harnessed technical advancements and process improvements, the offsite construction industry can also undergo metamorphosis by driving end-to-end delivery in the three-dimensional design, manufacture and installation of modular and portable buildings. Through modular methods, offsite building companies can revolutionise the construction space by introducing methods and procedures used in other industries, such as automotive and aerospace, to improve productivity and, in particular, address the extreme shortage of UK homes, making offsite construction core to the mainstream production of affordable homes.

About MPBA

The MPBA plays a key role in the connecting of sectors in the modular and portable building industry. The association collaborates with specialist technical advisors to enhance innovation in the design and manufacture of modular buildings. These can be designed and manufactured from timber, steel or concrete, in any size and shape to meet individual client needs while ensuring full compliance with building regulations.

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