The Modular and Portable Building Association (MPBA) exhibited at the recent Offsite Expo, many people visited them to gain insights and guidance from the UK’s modular and volumetric specialists

With modular building quickly making its way to the forefront of offsite solutions, the MPBA and its members collectively received many enquiries across the inaugural two-day event. Having taken a headline role in the exhibition as a major sponsor, the MPBA secured a number of new prospects and partnership opportunities, which they are now exploring.

CPD-accredited volumetric modular sessions

As knowledge share is core to the MPBA’s ethos and offerings, one of the highlights for the association was the impressive range of CPD-accredited masterclasses. Amongst these, the two volumetric and modular sessions were chaired by the MPBA’s director, Kevin Jones, and technical director, Andy King. These sessions featured masterclasses from multiple experts in the modular space, including renowned MPBA members.

Kevin said: “It was fantastic to hear from so many volumetric and modular specialists, especially our members – and great to see such a large turn-out in terms of audience. So many people were keen to get involved with the volumetric seminars.”

Andy added: “Knowledge transfer is pivotal in construction, and it’s something that we need more of. The MPBA can’t promote the importance of education and training enough, so the combination of angles covered in the sessions was invaluable.


“From Peter Dann providing a structural engineer’s perspective on implementing DfMA principles during the early stages of planning to an inspiring case study on the step-by-step progress and modular integration that made the widely acclaimed Greenwich scheme possible, each seminar brought something new to the offsite table.”

Modular guidance

The MPBA is proud to have fulfilled such a major role in the event, offering advice to those exploring the best offsite avenues for their next construction projects. Modular and volumetric practices enrich the construction industry with a multitude of benefits that span from healthier environments to maximised sustainability, heavily reduced costs and quicker build times.

The particular success and appeal of module manufacture rests in the repeatability of units: by assembling modules in a precision-controlled factory environment, the production line techniques that drive module assembly improve speed of delivery, superior quality and productivity.

To learn more about the benefits of modular and volumetric construction and MPBA membership, visit


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