SMARTPLY ULTIMA and SMARTPLY FR: The offsite solutions

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With offsite construction on the rise as a more efficient, high quality and sustainable option for delivering affordable housing, MEDITE SMARTPLY highlights some of its groundbreaking products

As a concept, offsite construction has been widely applauded as a key solution for housebuilders to close the gap in affordable housing provision, as well as to provide a more efficient solution for the construction of large buildings and hotels.

Moving away from traditional onsite building methods means making steps towards an efficient, factory-built, quality-controlled approach. What could be a more perfect match for the timber frame industry, which offers lightweight, structurally sound solutions?

MEDITE SMARTPLY, manufacturer of innovative timber panel products, has launched a host of new products this year all with the objective of providing smart solutions that address real needs in the construction industry, including those of burgeoning offsite construction. This is perhaps most evident with SMARTPLY ULTIMA OSB4 and SMARTPLY FR OSB3.

“Over the past few years, we have developed some groundbreaking technologies in preparation for the increased demand for products that cater to offsite modular construction.”

– Richard Allen, Sales Director at MEDITE SMARTPLY.

“SMARTPLY ULTIMA has been developed specifically for this purpose and is ideal for wall, roof and floor sheathing applications where a combination of strength and moisture-resistance are needed. Where building regulations call specifically for a Euroclass B or C fire-rated panel for similar applications, SMARTPLY FR is ideal.

“Our Conti-roll® manufacturing enables us to manufacture SMARTPLY ULTIMA panels up to 7.5m long – perfect for offsite construction.

“What these large panels mean for the industry is that we can now sheath entire sides of an apartment, home or school in a controlled environment, which can then be delivered to site and craned into place.”

It’s an ideal system for hotel and chalet accommodation projects, school buildings, low- and medium-rise housing and apartment blocks.

MEDITE SMARTPLY manufacture all their products using FSC certified® timber and deliver a zero-added formaldehyde promise across the SMARTPLY range, giving the brand an edge when it comes to helping architects specify for safety, wellbeing and better indoor air quality, as well as sustainability.

“With new offsite factories emerging across the country, new panel technologies have a big part to play and we are striving to be at the forefront, to offer the solutions construction professionals want and need,” said Richard.

SMARTPLY ULTIMA and SMARTPLY FR are made using precision strand orientation and continuous pressing technology, resulting in a smooth consistent finish. Panels are available in large formats up to 2.8m wide by 7.5m long and to a maximum thickness of 40mm for OSB4.

Download a full datasheet and request a free sample here.



Richard Allen

Sales Director – GB

Tel: +44 (0)1322 424900

Twitter: @MediteSmartPly


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