Architect appointed for Western Village in Ebbsfleet Garden City

Western Village, Ebbsfleet Garden City,

PRP Architects has been appointed as lead architect and masterplanner on The Western Village in North Kent, by joint venture development partners, Clarion Housing Group and Countryside

Part of the Eastern Quarry section of Ebbsfleet Garden City, The Western Village scheme is set to deliver up to 2,600 new homes.

Designed by PRP, The Western Village aims to offer a strong sense of community for those that live there. The homes will be linked to landscaped and open green spaces through walk and cycle ways, promoting wellbeing and maximising residents’ quality of life.

Western Village, Ebbsfleet Garden City,The Western Village will form the largest ‘village’ within Eastern Quarry and will be a major contributor to Ebbsfleet, becoming the largest Garden City in the UK. The masterplan includes a detailed first phase of 250 homes to be delivered as part of a hybrid planning application for Western Village.

Manisha Patel, Senior Partner at PRP, said: “Our work, as masterplanners and architects, has meant we are heavily involved in shaping the future of this new district in North Kent, which is a very exciting prospect.

“We have worked with both developers on a number of occasions and found they have a common focus of creating places with community values at heart, which has also been reflected in the masterplan for Western Village.”

Iain McPherson, Managing Director of New Homes and Communities South, commented: “At Countryside, we share a proven track record with PRP and Clarion Housing Group of delivering quality homes and places that stand the test of time.

“The Western Village will follow this long tradition, having been specifically designed for communities to thrive in. It will be a place where people can put down their roots, socialise with neighbours and raise families for generations to come.”

Liz Martin, Regional Director of Development for Clarion Housing Group, added: “Clarion is playing a leading role in the creation of this new community and we were proud to recently complete the Garden City’s 1,000th home.

“Working with Countryside and PRP, our aim is to make The Western Village a destination that becomes known for high quality, well-designed homes and its thriving community.”

The vision for Ebbsfleet Garden City is to create circa 15,000 new homes, a major new commercial centre, improve public transport links and develop seven new city parks, connecting London to the Garden of England. The project will generate a multi-billion-pound investment which will increase the economic activity to the local area as well as creating up to 27,000 jobs.

Western Village, Ebbsfleet Garden City,


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