Atkins secures £49m UK highways improvement contract


Atkins, a part of SNC-Lavalin, has been appointed by Highways England as principal designer for highways improvement schemes in the East of England

The highways improvement contract, worth an initial £49m, will see Atkins prepare detailed designs and provide technical support for capital projects from an initial scheme feasibility phase through to the as-built phase.

Work is due to commence in January 2020 and will be reported under SNCL Engineering Services, a key pillar of SNC-Lavalin’s growth strategy.

Philip Hoare, president of Atkins, engineering, design and management, SNC-Lavalin, said: “We have a long history of helping Highways England design and maintain a road network which enables the safe and efficient movement of people and goods across the country.

“This latest contract increases our presence in the East of England, giving us the opportunity to improve the region’s roads through innovative design and the application of the latest technology.”

Working closely with its supply chain, Atkins will look to adopt digital tools wherever possible, drawing on the likes of automation and lean tools to drive efficiency, increase safety and reduce costs.

Atkins’ successful appointment to the East of England highways improvement contract adds to its portfolio with Highways England which includes major highways improvement works and the A14 bypass, which recently opened a year ahead of schedule.


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