Empty homes brought back into use in South Ayrshire


Figures reveal that South Ayrshire Council has more than exceeded its targets for bringing empty homes back into use

So far in the period 2018-19, South Ayrshire Council has ensured that 37 empty homes will be occupied once more, exceeding the target of 20.

The council has committed to providing around 1,000 new affordable homes to be delivered over five years from 2018 to 2023 and bringing empty homes back into use as affordable accommodation is vital to helping even more people get the housing they need.

Working closely with property owners has been crucial to the success of the empty homes initiative. The council offers interest-free loans of up to £20,000 for the owners of empty properties to carry out repairs and refurbishments provided properties are rented at affordable rates.

There is also an option for owners who don’t want to become landlords to carry out repairs and then pay back the loan when they sell their property.

Douglas Hutchison, director of people at South Ayrshire Council said: “Bringing empty houses back into use as homes is good news and exceeding our target is even better. Since 2011, we have brought 153 empty houses back into use which is a significant achievement.

“Hopefully by making it as easy as possible for owners to bring their properties back into use, we will continue to expand the choice of affordable homes across South Ayrshire.”


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