Ahead of the Building Innovation Awards on 23 October at The Midland Hotel in Manchester, we take a look at the nominees for Best Planning Innovation

Today we focus on the Best Planning Innovation award, which highlights the products and services that drastically improve project efficiency by supporting greater collaboration, cooperation and communication between team members.

The nominees are:


Aphex Planner is a construction success platform that is saving teams time and enabling them to move faster. Have the whole team develop an accurate plan with ease. Get the whole site to rally around the plan. Automatically track information that is key to the project, keeping the team on schedule. Objective and insightful analytics to help you focus on the real issues impacting your team’s productivity and bottom line.


GeoPal is a customisable Field Operations Management (FOM) solution that connects field workers, remote assets and Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, leveraging field data to gain real-time actionable insights and increase the productivity, profitability and Health & Safety compliance of your business. GeoPal delivers transformative operational efficiencies through the data insights they provide.


PlanRadar is an award-winning solution for documentation and communication in construction and real estate projects, used for construction documentation, task and defect management, reporting, valuation, audits, inspections, approvals, due diligence and certifications.

The winner will be announced at a gala dinner at The Midland Hotel, Manchester, on 23 October.


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