Bolton restarts hunt for partners to deliver town centre regeneration

bolton town regeneration

Bolton Council has begun the search for development partners to deliver three key sites as part of its town centre regeneration

Bolton Council has reached a mutual agreement with previous developers to surrender their options agreements on redevelopment schemes at Crompton Place, Trinity Gateway and Le Mans Crescent.

However, the council has moved rapidly to begin a new procurement process.

It is expected that new developers will be confirmed as early as December this year.

Once selected, the developers will consider whether existing plans need to be amended for the sites in question.

The council owns the intellectual property assets prepared under previous proposals, including designs, consents, warranties, technical reports and architect plans.

‘A much better chance of securing levelling up grant’

Bolton Council leader, councillor Martyn Cox, said: “Although re-procuring development partners will extend the development process, removing all option agreements gives us a much better chance of securing a levelling up fund grant from government.

“The work already undertaken in relation to these projects means the new developers will start from a more advanced stage than would normally be the case and will therefore be in a position to start construction as soon as possible.”

The council will be using the Pagabo Procurement Framework to select suitable developers, assisted by advisers JLL.

There are a number of high-profile developers on the framework who have a track record for delivering large scale schemes within Greater Manchester.

The expressions of interest from the developers will allow them to access the data and detailed information and present the council with their ideas to deliver the first phase of this important scheme for Bolton.


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