BOPAS: Helping the UK’s housing shortage


BOPAS accreditation aims to boost offsite construction by providing independent assurance of products, technologies and organisations

The Buildoffsite Property Assurance Scheme (BOPAS) is an accreditation for designers, manufacturers and constructors who are involved in offsite manufacture of systems and products. The accreditation is formed of two assessments: a durability and maintenance assessment of the product or technology and a process accreditation of the organisation.

The scheme exists to provide assurance to the lending community that innovatively constructed properties will be sufficiently durable and mortgageable for at least 60 years. The scheme serves as the vehicle for the standardisation of best practice across the offsite construction and offsite manufacturing sectors.

The BOPAS scheme was jointly developed by Buildoffsite, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), Lloyd’s Register and BLP Insurance (Building LifePlans Ltd), in consultation with the Council of Mortgage Lenders and the Building Societies Association.

At a recent event in London, RICS highlighted how the construction of housing is falling behind on its target of 300,000 new homes per annum, a target set by the government. According to the 2016 Mark Farmer report Modernise or Die, workforce size and demographic, and poor industry image are among the symptoms of this crisis.

BOPAS accreditation will help increase construction through independent assurance.

Indeed, with more than 40 organisations already accredited or currently undergoing assessment, the scheme is gaining more exposure in the construction sector.

Stephen Clay, research and development manager for BOPAS scheme member TopHat Industries, said: “Solving Britain’s housing crisis requires a vibrant, growing offsite and Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) sector.”

“TopHat chose BOPAS because it provides a seamless, adaptable and helpful scheme of accreditation and assurance designed specifically for the modular industry. The bespoke scheme gives both buyers and funders confidence and certainty that the homes we build will not only last as long as traditionally built homes but also, coming with a 75-year mortgageable warranty, be guaranteed for even longer.”

The BOPAS website shows organisations that are approved or undergoing assessment, along with approved building technologies or products.

Accreditation scopes include Constructor, Designer and Manufacturer, as well as Project Management (PM) of design, manufacture and construction.

The website also offers a search facility for valuers and homebuyers alike to search for a property to see what the building is constructed from.

For more information on BOPAS, visit us on the Buildoffsite stand at the Offsite Construction Show 20th-21st November at ExCeL London.

You can also visit or email for more information.

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