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At Build Aviator, we’re changing the way the construction industry thinks about planning, scoping, quoting and delivering new projects

We understand that preparing an estimate is a big task; you’re balancing time, value for money and quality, and you need to make sure you’ve got the correct quantities and figures or you could lessen your profits. You’re required to provide these estimating documents to win the work.

For most, these processes and documents take away valuable building time, or mean that you lose out on your leisure time due to all this admin, but this isn’t the way it has to be!

With Build Aviator, all your estimating woes will be solved. Our experts will become an extension of your team, all of whom have construction software backgrounds and years of quoting and bidding experience. Taking a detailed understanding of the project build requirements, our experts will work with you to create a professional report containing a builder summary, project breakdown, work schedule and tool hire report, bill of quantities, pricing sheets and product list. You’ll even get a separate report for your client, which can feature their plans, your company portfolio and notes pages for client questions or amendments.

What’s more, all quotes are linked into live product files from Jewson, Gibbs & Dandy and JP Corry. This provides a comprehensive bill of quantities with exact pricing and, unlike many other estimating companies who charge £29 per merchant, we offer these prices at no extra cost.

Our estimators use Easy Price Pro – construction software that is tried and trusted by thousands within the industry – to calculate and configure the accurate and comprehensive reports.

Build Aviator estimating means less time spent on paperwork and more time to concentrate onsite. It doesn’t stop there, along with estimating, Build Aviator can offer a full service to help you with everything from planning to procurement.

The full service includes: SAP assessments, Registered Construction Details, acoustic consultancy and testing, along with air-tightness testing.

We use specialist SAP construction software that includes live product data from Jewson, Gibbs & Dandy and JP Corry, with u-values for those specific materials. This increases the accuracy of the rating and reduces the risk of non-compliance through product deviations.

Registered Construction Details (RCDs) are included alongside the SAP documentation. Based upon your plans, we evaluate which RCDs are most suitable for your construction and include them to support you in designing and building out thermal bridging issues. All of these RCDs have been approved by Local Authority Building Control (LABC) and contain product data from our merchant partners, making it simpler to source products with the correct ψ values.

Unless your project is a detached dwelling, acoustics form part of the Approved Document E (ADE) which requires all dwellings – houses, flats and rooms for residential purposes – to be designed and constructed with reasonable resistance to sound passage from other rooms within the same building and adjoining buildings, along with excessive external noises.

From planning to competition, noise can cause problems within a build that can require time and cost to rectify. Build Aviator has partnered with LABC Acoustics to offer a comprehensive service to help you to build in-line with ADE, including environmental noise risk assessments and desktop acoustic surveys if required. Our acoustic testing is UKAS-accredited and will be accompanied by specialist advice, to help assist you through the pre-completion test routine.

Our airtightness testing is ATTMA-accredited and uses multi-point methods to ensure even pressure distribution. We also provide support documents provided prior to your test to help you pass first time.

Building contractor AWJ Usher & Sons used the Build Aviator service for a bespoke dwelling.

Managing director of AWJ, Mike said: “My desire was to produce a bespoke build, which we could have easily designed using our own choice of materials, but this wouldn’t have been as cost-effective as working with Build Aviator.”

Mike and his architect worked with the Build Aviator SAP experts to write a specification that would help them comply with Building Regulation performance targets.

He commented: “Both myself and the architect were unsure about how to comply with the fabric target and Build Aviator provided a solution that helped me to achieve my bespoke design goals.

Working with Build Aviator allowed me to invest more of my budget on the internal works within, such as underfloor heating and the kitchen and bathroom suites, while maintaining my desire 100mm cavities and exceeding compliance targets with my DFEE (designed fabric energy efficiency) rating.”

Build Aviator’s merchant partnership with Gibbs & Dandy meant that procurement in-line with Mike’s specification was simple, cutting time on product research and multiple trips to branch.

Mike said: “The partnership with Gibbs & Dandy meant that material procurement and supply in accordance with my SAP product spec was simple.”

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